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Weather radars in Belgium

Three weather radars are currently operational in Belgium. The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium owns and operates two radars: the Wideumont radar in the south of Belgium (operational since 2001) and the brand new radar in Jabbeke (operational since 2013) located near the coast. A third weather radar is located at the airport in Zaventem near Brussels and is operated by Belgocontrol (Air Traffic Safety). The three radars are C-band Doppler radars.

The Jabbeke radar is a state-of-the-art dual polarisation Doppler radar: it is capable of retrieving information concerning the shape of the hydrometeors.

The map below shows the locations of the Belgian radars. The circles indicate the 100-km ranges at which the radars can provide quantitative precipitation measurements. Also shown on the map is the location of the Avesnois radar owned by Météo-France, which provides a good coverage of the south-east of Belgium.


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The Wideumont radar

The Zaventem radar

The Jabbeke radar