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Weather radars in Europe

More than 200 weather radars are operational in Europe. Most of them are integrated in the European network of operational weather radars established in the framework of the Eumetnet/OPERA program. A pilot radar data hub has been developed at UK Met Office and a European composite image is generated every 15 minutes.

In June 2011, OPERA entered into a new stage when the OPERA Data Center, Odyssey, started operations. Odyssey collects radar polar volume data of more than 100 radars and produces 2-D composites of maximum reflectivity, rain intensity and accumulation. The time resolution is 15 minutes, and products are made at 2 km x 2 km horizontal resolution. Odyssey thus replaces the OPERA pilot hub, which had operated since 2005, and provides a better resolution, and significantly more homogeneous processing of the data than its predecessor.


An interactive map of the radars in the OPERA network.


The European radar network as of January 2013.

An animated composite of rain intensity produced by the ODYSSEY data hub.