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The Wideumont weather radar

The Wideumont radar is a single-polarization C-band Doppler radar. The antenna, the transmitter and the receiver are installed on top of a steel tower 46-m high.

The radar performs 3 different scans. A watchdog scan is repeated every 5 minutes and includes 5 elevation angles with reflectivity measurements up to 240 km. A second volume scan is repeated every 15 minutes and collects reflectivity measurements up to 240 km. A Doppler scan is performed every 15 minutes. It includes 8 elevations with reflectivity, radial velocity and spectral width measurements up to 120 km.

Raw data are transferred in real-time to the meteorological center in Brussels where various products are generated.


The Wideumont weather radar.

Installation of the radome (2001) aimed at protecting the radar antenna.