Radar and lightning detection

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The radar and lightning detection group

What we do

The radar and lightning detection group of the RMI focuses on the observation and nowcasting of precipitation and thunderstorms. We are responsible for the operation of two weather radars located in Wideumont and Jabbeke and the Belgian Lightning Location System (BELLS).

The evaluation and the improvement of the quality of the observations, the development of specific products for application in meteorology and hydrology and the participation in various research projects making use of these observations are our main scientific activities. We are also active in the European platforms for the exchange of data and expertise between the national weather services.


Who we are

The radar and lightning detection group is part of the Observations Department of the RMI. Our group consists of 6 scientists, 4 technical experts and one administrative employee. Contact details can be found in the Team and Publications section.


Do you have a question on weather radars or lightning detection?

We have a extensive outreach section available in Dutch and in French where we collected some Frequently Asked Questions on radars and hail. Information on our lightning detection system can be found in the Lightning detection section (English only). If you did not find what you were looking for, you can use the general Contactformulier / Formulaire de contact of the RMI and we will be happy to help you further!